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Monday, April 11, 2016

Visit SPEC Corporation Office in Cherry Blossom Season

Last 2 weeks, I have a short trip in Tokyo and plan to visit SPEC Corporation too.

Not too large office but high quality product design and testing !

Mr Shirokazu Yazaki and his team are kind of nice & smart people.

I have order him a lot of his Arizona capacitors for my second Marantz 7C modification

after the first mods and other projects were success with this high quality capacitor.



 And also go on in part of distributor for Arizona capacitor in Thailand too.

So many people here can taste this gem easier.

In front of SPEC office.

High quality class D amplifier.

Their Real-Sound Processor.

Part of this order for using and testing to find out which matching in each sound character. 

Ruby mica capacitor for improve sound quality in many applications.

Yazaki-san gave us additional modification points for Marantz 7C and others.

Very impressive in his knowledge and kindness.

SPEC's design engineer in his test bench.

Me, Yazaki-san and SPEC team.

My buddy Tanawat, another co-founder of our startup company.

Yazaki-san bring us to see beautiful garden behind the building.

Our team in this Tokyo short trip. ;)

Cherry blossom season.

When we visit Tokyo next time, Yazaki-san will bring us to his home.

To see his system in part of  DIY audio too. *-*

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