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Monday, May 11, 2020

SUMO Contest 2019 : Legendary Vietnam Audio Event

Last December, this 14th SUMO contest being held at Hanoi Vietnam by VNAV group.

This is my first time for visit Vietnam and this event too.

But I've audio friend with good friendship here who had visited Bangkok many times

and we'd exchange many audio ideas more than 10 years.

So it's good time to visit his place and this great event in same time.

I've heard about this event for long time and wish to join even as an observer.

But my Vietnamese friend introduce me to organizer and they inviting me to be a part of committee!

The rules are contest high power tube amplifiers that should meet their requirements and measurements first.

Blind test with play 3 selected songs for each amplifier and committees give scores into all subjects.

All tube amplifiers from participants sound very good, different only mood and tone.

Finally they invite me and my friend to join as participant next time!

Thanks a lot for warm welcome and we're enjoy so much with many new friend.

Please see these photos for entire of this special event.

Large hall for many observers.

Measuring points for all participant's amplifiers.

Measuring time before contest in the afternoon.

Reference system.

All funs!

The winner! 833 SE amplifier.


845 SE

KT150 PP

Another GMI-30 SE that won best design award

805 SE

810 PP

GU-13 SE

5D22 SE

805 PP

845 SE that won best measurement award

After contest

With Mr Minhpt who's co-founder of VNAV and also moderator of this event.

Mr Art, my friend from Thailand who will join the next contest as participant ;)

All participants for this year.

Almost full!

Party after contest.

Committees and all winners.

Winner for best amplifier of the year, Mr Tuấn Anh Amply Đèn.

Our facebook friend, Mr Duong Hoang.

This is my Vietnamese audio friend that we know each other more than 10 years

and we've got last lucky draw gifts together, Mr Do Anh Vu.

Many people who share same passion together, all smile along an event.

See you next time!

The next day, Vu invite us to visit Mr Tran Nguc Thai's place to buy tubes on the rooftop!

"Pho" that we ate almost every meal there.

Finally I've found and try this! "Ca Phe Trung" or egg coffee. Yummy ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The 25th Vacuum Tube Audio Fair - Japan

Always my special moment to visit this audio event in every October.

But this is first time that organize after Mr Susumu Sakuma passed away.

So Sun Audio by Mr Mitsuru Uchida brought some of Sakuma's amplifiers to exhibit

and MJ magazine also making special booklet for audience too.

More information here

Hope all of you enjoy with pictures.

Finally met J.C. Morrison!