Akarakrit Uamkruea, blogger and audio gear maker who passionate in vacuum tube, audio & music.
Producing electronics projects since high school. Seriously upgrade and modify vintage audio equipment for “Real Sound” concept.
He is a co-founder of Soundaries, all audio solution provider.
Experienced and lively explore the listening rooms & audio shops in Japan as his most favorite to do.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Make stereo SE from mono PP amplifier

 I just got this tube amplifier from Japan about 3 months ago.

No brand indicated but all transformers made by Ko-On Denpa. (Not sure TKD or not)

It's mono push pull amplifier using 6AU6 - 6AR5 - 807 x2 and 5U4GB - 5Y3 for rectifier.

It has input transformer, output transformer and 2 power transformers 

Almost electrolytic capacitor leaked but it's not a problem because I need only chassis.

I plan to build stereo single ended tube amplifier in this chassis.

Let's see what happen next in couple months.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

The 6th MJ Audio Festival 2024 (Musen to Jikken 100 years anniversary)

 Time flies so fast! This year MJ Audio Festival moved from July to May 

and celebrating 100 years of MJ magazine. So, I've decided to join this event

although I just came back from Japan 2 months ago.

They also announced about flea market that I'm so excited.

And the trading was faster than I thought! 

So, I've got some Tango & Lundahl transformers from this campaign.

Glad to meet same people as previous years.

I hope to join this kind of event every year if I could.

Still happy to see same kind of people who interest in audio & music.

Before the gate opened.

Exhibition about MJ history along 100 years.

MJ Publishing with many interesting books.

Many booths for flea market.

Rogers Laboratory Japan http://www.rogers-japan.com/

Conference room with many activities.

Yamagoshi Wood Workshop http://yamakoshimokkoubou.com/

With Mr Shinobu Karaki, Aurora Sound founder.

Juve Acoustics https://juve-labo.com/

Lunch with my sensei Mr Shirokazu Yazaki like annual activity.

With my friend Mr Kubota Junichi and Mr Nagashige Ogino from Stereo Sound magazine.

With Mr Devon Turnbull "OJAS"

Looking forward to seeing many audio friends next year!