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Monday, January 11, 2016

McIntosh 275 Modify with Capacitors Adventure Part 2

From part 1 about old McIntosh 275 had repaired but should be modify and repair again.

Finish collecting components for use in this modification.

Arizona capacitors (custom by SPEC.corp/Japan) for all coupling between stages.

Mallory axial electrolytic capacitors for cathode bypass and negative voltage section.

Mundorf electrolytic capacitors for main power supply section.

Inside 275 after finish modification.

Use Western Electric wire lead from RCA jack to first driver tube of both channels.

Power supply section.

Combine 2 types of ultrafast recovery diodes for making bridge rectifier.

M-Lytic from Mundorf for reduce ripple voltage in rectifier.

Install all coupling capacitors.

Arizona capacitors in their suitable positions.

Ohmite "Brown Devil" in driver's rectifier and Siemens MKV parallel with

first electrolytic capacitor.

Change carbon composition resistor to metal film resistor in power supply section

for accurate and stable voltage.

Old soldier never die.

Thanks Mr Shirokazu Yazaki & Mr Jeff  Day for great suggestion and nice blog.

All new components make McIntosh 275's sound so sweet, vivid, transparent and powerful.

The sound become more "Real Sound" like Mr Yazaki always said.

Enjoy listening experience with one of classic amplifier.

Cheer !!!

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