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Friday, July 28, 2023

MJ Audio Festival 2023

 Almost 3 years for the latest event that I've visited at Akihabara Insurance hall is

"Vacuum Tube (annual) Fair" and I've plan to visit again this year.

But an organizer announce to cancel for this year

so I change my plan to visit MJ Audio Festival in July that organize by MJ magazine 

instead of Vacuum Tube Fair that normally arrange an event in October.

Many things quite similar but MJ event had more emphasize about listening session

between different equipment and did like this in many rooms.

DVAS : Deep Valley Audio System

CHUDEN, main products are MM cartridges

Sun Audio

MASTAZ, turntable plinth and tonearm base

TRIODE brand

OYAG, record cleaner

MJ Publishing

Interesting session to listen to tube amplifiers from many builders.

Field coil power supply for all MAXONIC drivers

Audio Design

Rogers Laboratory Japan

TOA professional products

TRIODE listening room


Session for tube amplifier designer

Musica Note products

Many of Fostex products

My friends enjoy with buying CDs ;)

Also hope "Vacuum Tube Fair" will organize again next year.


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