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Monday, October 10, 2022

Western Electric 6BP Audiometer transform to 95A Amplifier Part 1

I've got these audiometers from yahoo auction couple months ago.

All tubes and transformers already gone. Only chassis and panel components left.

But layout, tubes and transformer enclosures made me think about Western Electric 95A!

Western Electric 95A amplifier & TA-4189 speaker are part of TA-7388 cabinet.

95A using single stage push pull 43 tube and 2 of 25Z5 rectifier tube.

No power transformer, can supply directly with 105 - 125 VAC.

Transformer needed are 282B, 174A and 221B filter choke.

So I think I can transform these 6BP audiometer to mono-block 95A amplifier

with adding full power supply section into same chassis.

Lovely cabinet with slot for collect cables!

Either position could be use as volume control.

Western Electric 6BP with full components. (pic from internet)

Something left ...

This Daven pot should be use as volume control but it has 5dB per step :( 

Heavy air capacitor!

Something inside left ...

After remove all of components & wires.

Original 95A amplifier. (pic from internet)

So I've order P&C (WE core) transformers to do this project. ;)

Let's see what will happen next ...

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  1. DON'T LEAVE OUT THE MAINS TRANSFORMER!!! It is very serious safety hazard to do without!! As it saves me a lot of typing read here: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/348856/mains-rectification-vs-11-transformer