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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Life Easy with Etracer ...

I think in Tube DIY world must know Tube Tracer that can trace tube's characteristic curves.

And now eTracer from Essues is latest smart vacuum tube tracer/tester.

You can access their website and study how it work, 


or find many of tube amp designers who using it and post on their blogs.

Essues Tech. supply it in kit (assembly/option), easy to assemble with 1 day man-hour ;)

Connect to computer via USB cable and fully control with program, easily change parameters

like filament voltage/current, plate voltage/current, load line, etc.

  Advantage that I really love are

1) match pair or match tube's sections with their characteristic curves not life time!

2) get accurate values to use in real circuit not common values from datasheet provided!

3) best for me is can plot triode curve from pentode tube that cannot find from any source!

Example : Triode curve of EL802 tube that never seen in any datasheet

I've measure and trace many tubes along 3 years that using this smart tube tracer/tester.

And know how easy to design if get the curves so I plan to post characteristic curves 

and typical operation values like plate voltage/grid voltage/amplification factor/plate resistance 

and transconductance of many tubes that common datasheet did not provided or not usable.

To be continue...

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