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Friday, April 22, 2016

Marantz Model 7 (Reissue Version) in upper level after modification

After success with modification of Marantz 7C original version.

Another friend who has Marantz 7C reissue version asked me to make it better.

Almost signal capacitors using modern film type,

so many audio guys who compare with original one might not like a newer version.

 See pictures below for 7C reissue version before take modify.

Almost parts for modification like previous 7C except using Ohmite Brown Devil resistors 

in rectifier section for make more "Vintage like" sound.  

All coupling capacitors still using Arizona Capacitor that's the best one for

modify vintage audio gear in my opinion. 

Add 3 oil capacitors for decoupling all supply voltages.

Ultra fast recovery diode from ST is a great choice for upgrade to next level.

Everything that doing above, make Marantz 7C reissue has more musical and "Real" sound.

Not different with original version that I do modify before,

because all effective components are same parts.

Worth to try with yours.

Cheers !!!

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