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Monday, January 4, 2016

McIntosh 275 Modify with Capacitors Adventure Part 1

This is my first modification that almost follow suggestion from Mr Shirokazu Yazaki

in Mr Jeff Day's blog about "Capacitor Adventure" and recommended components

to bring "Real Sound" from Jeff's McIntosh MC30 amplifiers.

After read Jeff's blog, I'm so excited and ask my friend who has McIntosh 275 for modification.

My friend had bought old McIntosh 275 that already repaired from local audio technician.

Almost capacitors had changed and the rest were leaked. :(

So he's not hesitate to modify his McIntosh 275 to "Real Sound" style.

Inside 275 before I do anything. Sprague "Black Beauty" and "Bumblebee" had removed.

Replaced with WIMA MKP and mylar capacitors.

I think many points need to upgrade and repair.

Let's start to bring "Real Sound" from McIntosh 275. 

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