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Monday, September 28, 2015

P&C 618B Rebuild Transformer with Western Electric Core

From the link below that me and my friends went to visit 

Mr Toshiaki Kurashima of P&C Electronics.

And made power amplifier with his output transformer that use WE iron core.

I also bought his 618B rebuild transformer with WE permalloy core

that taken from high quality repeating coil like WE111C

to make MC step up transformer like people done with WE618B.

He was selecting all cloth wires with same color as original WE618B.

Date code just simple but easily peel off ... ;)

Neat metal can, easy for who want to spray into favorite color. 

Assembly in an enclosure, copper braid shield cover on twisted wires too.

Complete with pinewood.

Separate inputs without any switches.

Just burn-in before A-B test with original WE618B soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tube : 1560-ux Philips Rectifier Tube with Mesh Plates

Still find mesh plate tube continually cause from their more musical delivered .

Philips 1560 tube is a full-wave rectifier tube that has globe/balloon shape

with 2 types of base.

European B4 base and American UX base with UX suffix ; 1560-ux.

1560-ux can directly replace 280 tube to get better performance from your current system.

Compare 3 types of rectifier tube in term of plate.

RCA UX280 - Philips 1560ux - Telefunken RGN1054

RCA UX280 solid plates.

Telefunken RGN1054 mesh plates with 1 of  /\ filaments.

And Philips 1560-ux with modern mesh plates and 2 of /\/\ filaments.

Test filaments with TV-7A/U tube tester.

Glow in the dark and mystery looking.