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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My new WE tube amplifier with P&C transformer Part I

After visiting Japan last 2 month and heard tube amplifiers

that made by P&C electronics with my ears.

Rewinding Western Electric's Permalloy and Iron core

made us impress with mellow sound and dynamic

even though listen from 1W power amplifier.

I plan to build my new tube amplifier with P&C output transformer.

So I select P609A model that has multi-tap in primary winding.

This model use Western Electric 1038A inductor core

and rewinding to use as output transformer.

2 aluminium plates with powder coating colors.

Install input transformers, cathode resistors and tube sockets on bottom plate.

Put all connectors on top plate and assemble 2 plates together.

Plan to wiring this week and will hear what I expect.

Report here soon.


  1. Thank you so much for your post. This post really help me a lot and I have learnt some new things from your tube amplifier

  2. Looks nice , I am looking at P171A transformer for single ended 2a3 are they Permalloy ?
    Thanks Bj

    1. Hi Bj,

      Original WE 171A not permalloy core.

      But P&C had 2 versions, P171A use silicon steel core and PP171A use permalloy core.