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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Japan Triode Meeting #1 : Day 1

I'm honor to be one of participants for Japan Triode Meeting #1 in Fukuoka, Japan.

This is first time for 4 Thai people that came to international audio meeting.

So many smart guys and full with knowledge along the day.

I just summarize for this meeting shortly for the first day.

Today we're in Eitsu Kiyohara's place, who owns a great temple with many beautiful things.

Seem like set up day with many audio systems in this place.

This is a very large speaker system that contain with all Western Electric field coil drivers.

Each side has 2 x TA-4181A, 2 x WE555 with WE16A, WE555 with KS12025 and WE597.

Single ended DHT with all handmade transformers.

6J5G pre-amplifier.

2 of Garrard 301 in large & heavy wood plinth.

Other system with Altec 515, Altec 287 with 1003B and WE597.

V503 tube single ended amplifier.

WE13A replica with WE555 of Sasamoto-san from Osaka.

Tungar tube power supply for WE555.

Diatone PM610 fullrange speaker in TQWT cabinet.

Driven by 6C33C-B OTL amplifier.

6 p.m., Jean Hiraga, Kiyohara-san with Japan team and Lenco Heaven team 

had speech & open the meeting before dinner.

Great audio designer : Tim de Paravicini and great audio blogger : Stefano Bertoncello.

Jean Hiraga assemble fullrange speaker in open baffle by himself.

listening test.

Eitsu Kiyohara is a very nice, funny & polite man.

To be continue for tomorrow.


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