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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sentimental Cafe's Loudspeaker System from Thailand

Sentimental Cafe' is the new cafe' in central of Bangkok Thailand.

Serve with coffee & music.

Me and my team had opportunity to select and set up speaker system of this marvelous place.

So I want to summarize and leave some information of speaker & crossover network here.

This cafe' stay on 2nd floor over Sentimental Friends Thai food restaurant.

Near Asia Hotel and Ratchathewi BTS Station.

Cozy and great coffee selected. 

Suitable for relaxation and make appointment with your good company.

This speaker system has 4 way drivers contain with 

Low frequency : Altec 416A in A7 cabinet (Below 300 Hz)

Mid frequency : YL D-55000 in Replica Western Electric 16A horn (300 Hz - 5 kHz)

Mid-High frequency : YL D-35000 in EL-800 horn (1 kHz - 5 kHz)

High frequency : YL D-18000 (Above 5 kHz)

Crossover network custom made by us follow frequency ranges above.

YL D-55000

YL D-35000

YL D-18000

Custom made crossover network for Sentimental Cafe'.

Almost use Western Electric 16 AWG wires for each drivers.

Inside wooden crossover network wiring with WE & Duelund wires.

From many know-how from Jeff Day blog.

We've select Solen standard inductor for low & mid and Jantzen litz wire inductor for high.

Ronken P61 film/paper in oil and WE paper in oil with WE film capacitor.

Result of the sound so remarkable. Can enjoy with almost kind of music.

That's our goal.

If anybody have a chance to visit Bangkok, please come and join us with music & coffee for you.

Cheers !!!


  1. I can't wait to visit Thailand..

  2. Welcome Iain. Hope you enjoy with this land of smile. :)

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  5. My friend is interested in your speaker. Where can he buy it?

    1. This system is selected each parts assemble together.

      Which one that your friend interest?

      Best regards,

  6. Hi . U guys open from 23rd to 28rh Dec. I properly in Thailand

    1. Hi,

      Cafe' already change place.

      Please visit Sentimental cafe Facebook page.

      Thanks for your interest.