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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The 23rd Vacuum Tube Audio Fair in Tokyo

Last October 8th and 9th in Akihabara area had an annual event called

"Vacuum Tube Audio Fair" that contain many of shops and product owners 

to exhibit their new products and promotion.

I intend to go to this event for a long time and this year it came true.

So many interesting products especially tubes, parts and inspiration.

Many photos below are part of whole event that I had collected.

Please enjoy!

Main hall.

Stereo magazine.

Craft Audio magazine.

Stereo Sound publishing.

MJ magazine.

Rogers Laboratory products.

Vantec Electronics. Many high quality parts.


Roppongi Engineering Research Institute.

Sun Audio introduce their new amplifier too.


Wako Technical.

Amtrans tubes & more.

Goodies music shop.

WEC5 with hard to find tubes & transformers.

Yamamoto Soundcraft with over 50% discount !

Sun Valley products. Nice craft and good sound too.

Solution Labo.

Cubic SP Lab.


Lovely JBL Paragon.

Hashimoto Transformers.

Sakuma Susumu in Sun Audio room.

San Daigo Audio.

Mixel with unique design speaker.

On Inc. Audio with many large size tube amplifiers & rectifiers.

TecSol with new production tubes.

13FD7 Push Pull amplifier from Tube Audio Lab.

300B amplifier from Falcon lab.

Stereo Sound team recommended products and good LPs, Day 1.

Stereo Sound team recommended products and good LPs, Day 2.

Aurorasound products.

Yamagoshiki Wood Workshop.

Very beautiful plinth for Technics SP10.

Fostex T500A MkII, really good sound.

Yasutoshi Sasamoto with his replica WE13A fullrange horn speaker.

Hope to join this event again soon.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tube Power Supply for Field Coil Tweeters

One of my friend who own WE16A using WE555 drivers with Selenium power supply

need to add field coil tweeters for extend higher range in his system.

So I remember that I have seen a nice looking tube power supply in Jeffrey Jackson's blog.

And my friend totally agree with this kind of tube & appearance.

He's select field coil tweeter from Atelier Rullit that has higher impedance than WE555 driver.

Atelier Rullit said this tweeter need voltage between 120 - 200 VDC for operation.

So I just design power supply to supply about 165 VDC with voltage regulator tubes.

0A3 (75V) series with 0B3 (90V) to stabilize output voltage.

Main rectifier tubes using large WE355A Thyratron tube with grid as plate. 


Plug with 2 of 0B3 tubes for took photo.

Atelier Rullit Field Coil Tweeter.

Test with real speaker system.

2 of Altec 515B in 817B cabinet style & WE16A with WE555 field coil driver.

Blue glow in large Western Electric balloon tubes.

Indicate voltage & current for one channel.

Do not compare with other types of power supply but for now this power supply work well

and field coil tweeter sound very good.