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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Version of WE421A & Another WE Tubes Amplifier

If you have seen my previous WE421A tube amplifier that I've post in November 2015.

Sound from that amplifier impress me and my friends very much.

So I plan to build the new one with all WE tubes again but using higher level P&C transformer.

Schematic seem like the previous one but I use WE352A for driver stage

with Ampex input transformer and use P171A output transformer from P&C Electronics

that almost using in WE91 clone amplifier.

Custom power transformer from J&K work with original WE149E filter choke.

Schematic for this amplifier.

4 watts single ended power amplifier.

Our logo.

5 WE tubes in front row.

WE352A, very good sound WE triode tube.

Back side.


Aerovox 4uF Oil Capacitor.

Original WE149E filter choke with repaint.

Inside amplifier, using cloth wire for all connections.

Parallel electrolytic capacitors with PIO and film capacitors.

Using Ohmite "Brown Devil" resistor if need high power.

Arizona capacitor "Blue Cactus" as a coupling capacitor.

Try to make all short paths if possible.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Cheers !!!