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Friday, June 24, 2016

SPEC. Ruby Mica Capacitor Replaced in RIAA EQ of Marantz Model 7

After finish modified signal & rectifier section of Marantz Model 7c in 5 months ago.

Mr Shirokazu Yazaki from SPEC Corp. recommend me to test their Ruby Mica capacitor

that custom-made for RIAA equalizer of phono section in Model 7c.

RIAA equalizer in phono section of Model 7c use 2 capacitors ; 5600pF and 1600pF.

The original using film type capacitor that has quite high tolerance.

Information from SPEC website claim that Ruby Mica has higher quality

in term of tone and transparent than traditional Silver Mica capacitor. 

Orange one for 5600pF and another in the bottom side.

2 brown capacitors near 560k resistor are 1600pF (1500pF).

After replace with SPEC. Ruby Mica capacitors : 5600pF.

Bottom side.

2 of 1600pF have replaced too.

Result after replace 4 Ruby Mica inside, every good points have improved.

Sound has more dept, detailed, transparent and beautiful tone.

Worth to test & taste. Cheers !!!

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