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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

P&C WE310A Tube Pre-Amplifier for Reference

As I've said before in my "Japan Audio Trip 2015 Part 1" on June 2015.

When I visited Mr Toshiaki Kurashima at P&C Electronics shop

and listen to his main tube pre-amplifier using all Western Electric parts.

I still remember the sound from that tube pre-amplifier and

find the way to build my next pre-amplifier has a great tone like it.

So I have made my decision to order his custom made pre-amplifier for use as "reference".

Just order about 2 months ago and Mr Toshiaki brought the pre-amplifier to me in Thailand

by himself last weekend ! I appreciate so much.

This pre-amplifier look neat and attractive with nany iron and capacitors.

Using WE310A "small punch".

WE cloth wire for all wiring inside with AB carbon composition resistors.

Already use with my amplifier and the sound remind me to that day in Japan.

Western Electric parts always make me wonder especially signal transformers.

Frequency response over specification in datasheet and produce a great tone

that cannot find in others.

Simplicity so challenge me to build my new pre-amplifier to come close with this original parts.


  1. Seems really nice, would love to hear this magic appeal hahah !

    1. Really magic !

      IMHO you can hear magic even use only 1 WE transformer in the system.

      Hope you enjoy the music. Cheers!

  2. Yes, you're 100% right, Nattawut... my WE 618Bs' have and give the Magick, as well... no hypes, just so here! Compliments, very nice project!

    1. Thanks so much Stefano.

      I think you've got the great result from P171A transformer from P&C (Mr Toshiaki Kurashima) too.

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    1. Dear Heng Gin Loo,

      I already add your blog in my favorite list.

      Thanks so much for your friendship.

      Your blog look great too.

  4. Nice circuit! It will go well with my K1. So is the matching input transformer just wound on a round toroid, if building it from scratch? Also would a blocking cap on the input (to keep DC out of the transceiver) be a bad idea?best tube amplifier