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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sony Playstation SCPH-5501 as a Superb Sound CD Player Part 1

DSD files or other music format are all around us for today, easy to use and good sound

But CD player with non-oversampling DAC still remind me for "Real Sound".

I already have non-oversampling DAC with TDA1541A S1,

really nice sound in my main audio system.

After read some topics in an internet, I've found many people use Sony Playstation

as a CD player and get benefit from non-oversampling DAC inside. 

So I need another compact CD player to use for living room and choose PS1.

Many website and DIYer favor PS1 with SCPH-100x series 

because it already has RCA connectors and prompt to use without any modification.

But SCPH-5xxx series can find frequently and I do not want to use opamp stage inside,

so SCPH-5xxx series is easier to modify except it has less information than 100x series.

From both websites below, I've got many ideas to apply with 5xxx series.

After remove top cover and laser unit.

Original power supply.

Many electrolytic capacitors that need to remove and replace.

Previous owner change coupling capacitors for audio output stage. :)

Mainboard before modify.

And mainboard after modify.

Bring audio signal from DAC chip with WE wires to external coupling capacitors.

Next step are modify power supply board, install coupling capacitor and RCA connectors. 
Cheers !!!


  1. Do SCPH-5501 consoles really fail over time. Do they fail the same way as the SCPH-1001. I know the laser was improved on 5501 with metal parts, but it fails me. But nice work anyway

  2. Hello Stevie,

    Thanks for your suggestion, It's still properly work.

    Will report again if I find any problem.

    Do you still use PS1 as source?

    Thanks & regards,

  3. I use PS1 for playing games. And how is the project doing?

    1. What do you mean "use PS1 as source"

    2. Hello Stevie,

      Please let me know your PS1 model number like SCPH-XXXX.

      I mean use PS1 as a CD player for audio system.

      Thanks for interest,

  4. very good work thanks, These days playstation store card are really gaining popularity.

  5. Hi, i wanna mod my ps1, can you tell me more detail e.g. which cap...
    My email

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  7. Hi, i wanna mod my PS1 SHCP-5501, can you tell me more detail e.g. which capacitor, resistor...
    My email

    1. Hi,

      Excuse me for lately respond.

      Basically you can use Elna Silmic II in power supply section and hybrid polymer like Sanyo/Panasonic OSCON for digital section.

      That will be better than mine.