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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Modify : 600 Ohm LCR EQ Phonostage Part I

I think LCR EQ Phonostage is one kind of phono preamplifier that

vinyl lover want to listen or own someday.

After find out many information, almost "RIAA equalizer" based on Tango EQ-600P.

It has 600 ohm impedance, so many methods to drive this EQ was applied.

This is Thorsten Loesch's design by connect signal directly from driver tube's plate to EQ.

Driver tube should has internal plate resistance less than 600 ohm or equal 

like E810F/7788 and E55L/8233.

Simple circuit and tube from Nobu Shishido.

Coupling capacitor quite high value, so choices will decreased.

More complicate and more tubes. Quite interesting.

Most advance with cascode design and interstage transformer 

for step down impedance to 600 ohm before drive EQ.

Hard to make a decision for select one style to do first.

Or mix and match all types together.

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