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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Japan Audio Trip 2015 (June 19 - 22, 2015) Part 3 of 3

Third day and last whole day in Japan (June 21, 2015).

This is main purpose of our team to visit the true "living legend"

of  tube amplifier's design.

Mr Susumu Sakuma :

We took a bus from Tokyo to Tateyama and walk to his restaurant.

This year he is 72 years old but still healthy

and continue build new tube amplifiers.

We saw another younger Sakuma in his eyes.

I follow his works via MJ magazines

and found his name every 3 - 4 months with new amplifier.

Yes, he still alive !!!

Concorde Restaurant 

His logo badge, so classic.

He cooks food in kitchen by himself.

Only 1 menu in restaurant "hamburg steak".

Eyes's food too. ;)

His main turntable : Garrard 401 with 2 oil-damped tonearm.


Part of his works.

His new project going on.

Thanks Mr Susumu Sakuma for his kindness, informality and delicious steak!

He is unique person either his amplifiers's sound.

Inspire all of our team for doing something.

Will be back here again next time.

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