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Producing electronics projects since high school. Seriously upgrade and modify vintage audio equipment for “Real Sound” concept.
He is a co-founder of Soundaries and Sentimental Studio, all audio solution provider.
Experienced and lively explore the listening rooms & audio shops in Japan as his most favorite to do.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Style Style & Style : Cool Idea from IKEA products

After finding out furnitures for my house, I just found this cool website.

Many smart ideas for mix and match IKEA products together.
Also adapt products to use in different applications.
And I found this exciting style too ...

But I cannot found this product on my local IKEA store :(

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Old School Tangential Tonearm : Rabco ST-4

After using in  fair condition for a long time. 
My Rabco ST-4 " Straight Line Tracking" turntable should be need a new plinth.

Highly recommend to use with  thick cantilever cartridge like Shure M3D/M7D 
and others in same era.

Also match with legendary Jazz & Blues.

Thanks for this rare catalog.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Winding Resistance Step Attenuator

After searching many information of vintage step attenuator 
for use in my tube preamplifier.
I've found attenuator in the box that use Tech Lab 600 Ohm attenuators.
Tech Lab Inc. was made high quality attenuator like Daven did,
that use in audio and measurement products like Western Electric, Tektronix, etc.
Stereo Sound Japan was provide information of 
Tech Lab PK-322 that has 2 types of resistor inside.

Type I : Mold Resistor & Winding Resistance Type

Type II : All Winding Resistance Type

Attenuator in the box from Stereo Sound Japan 
was use in many test system of Tube Kingdom magazine.

Like Stereo Sound Japan Website recommended.
Type I attenuator matched with all popular and modern music and 
Type II attenuator matched with old school music like Blues, Jazz and Classical. 

Both types improve dynamic and detail of sound system a lot. 

Let's try !!!