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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Tube : P.A.-210A Perryman with Mesh Plate

210 tube series still one of the best DHT tube for Brass, Woodwind and String.
Especially Thoriated-Tungsten match with those instruments than Oxide-Coated.

But 210 tube with mesh plate can sing both vocal & instruments best together.
Deep, Airy and Detail are words that I can describe
after compare with other 210 tube series in my preamplifier.

210 mesh plate still hard to find
but worth to get for listen hidden sound from your system.

First picture is a pair of 210 Marathon with old style filament suspension.

The rest are pictures of 210A Perryman with ST-era style filament suspension.



  1. Beautiful tubes! I need to get hold of some mesh 210 for my line stage...


  2. I also have one pair of these 210 mesh tubes. I guess they are Hyvac. Trully amazing sound like no other!

    1. Thanks Peter.

      For my ears, I prefer 210 Mesh Plate with old style filament suspension.

      Definitely better.

  3. I also have many Telefunken RS241 tubes around. Much easier to source and spectacular sound, like the 210s!

  4. Hello, I've been search 210 mesh tube then I found here.
    wow you have a very beautiful tubes.
    Now I try to find tubes which like yours.
    If you have stock or If you can find it, please contact to me.
    Thank you.