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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Modify : Modification of Sony TTS-2500 (PS-2250) turntable Part I

From forum in Lenco Heaven 
Many suggestions from this Sony deck's owners.

After having seen schematic of TTS-2500, 
I just replace almost electrolytic capacitors with new and reliable caps, also variable resistors.

Before ...

... After

Replace diodes of motor drive circuit and make new main power supply board using switching modules.

This deck came with faulty neon bulb, so I've modified by using blue LED instead.

Next process just making new heavy wood plinth ;)


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    1. It's normal 5mm Blue LED. Use 1k resistor in series for drop voltage.

  2. Thanks for your answer ,one question can I connect the 5mm Blue Led with the 1K resistor directly on the 2 red wires you can see on the picture ,with the faulty neon bulp,or do I have to change more thing in the electric ?