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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tube Power Supply for Field Coil Tweeters

One of my friend who own WE16A using WE555 drivers with Selenium power supply

need to add field coil tweeters for extend higher range in his system.

So I remember that I have seen a nice looking tube power supply in Jeffrey Jackson's blog.

And my friend totally agree with this kind of tube & appearance.

He's select field coil tweeter from Atelier Rullit that has higher impedance than WE555 driver.

Atelier Rullit said this tweeter need voltage between 120 - 200 VDC for operation.

So I just design power supply to supply about 165 VDC with voltage regulator tubes.

0A3 (75V) series with 0B3 (90V) to stabilize output voltage.

Main rectifier tubes using large WE355A Thyratron tube with grid as plate. 


Plug with 2 of 0B3 tubes for took photo.

Atelier Rullit Field Coil Tweeter.

Test with real speaker system.

2 of Altec 515B in 817B cabinet style & WE16A with WE555 field coil driver.

Blue glow in large Western Electric balloon tubes.

Indicate voltage & current for one channel.

Do not compare with other types of power supply but for now this power supply work well

and field coil tweeter sound very good.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Farewell to Japan Triode Meeting #1 in 2017

Just back to Thailand.

This event is meaningful for me. Thanks so much for Japan team and organizer.

Every systems gave me unforgettable experience.

Hope to join with everyone again in the future.

Finally, it's my pleasure to met Mr Hirokuni Michimori.

One and only Japanese guy who had lecture session in European Triode Festival 2008.

With "Zero Bias Triode Amplifiers" topic.

He still has many great knowledge and very polite like Japanese way.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Japan Triode Meeting #1 : Day 3

Third day, it's time to go to Mr Kichiryu Moriyama's shop.

This is a large shop that selling many great and rare woods and the wall of sound existing here.

This audio system use all Japanese made drivers and the sound so incredible.

Amplifier is STC 4212 single ended tube amplifier.

And next to Moriyama-san's house. Use the speaker system same as Machida-san.

300B push pull amplifier.

Very beautiful Teragaki Sigma 5000 turntable.

Second house is new place that recent build for this meeting.

Mr Yusuke Onimaru, owner of large ceramic factory.

His Western Electric speaker system also amazing too.

Cozy and comfortable, nice for relax with good music everyday.

Another of his system with using ceramic as a cabinet.

Evening with farewell party.

Finally with demo 2 audio systems, WE13A by Yasushi Sasamoto and WE16A by Julien Sullerot.

Back to sleep with dream for my next audio system.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Japan Triode Meeting #1 : Day 2

Second day, split to small teams for visit 3 great audio systems.

Start from Mr Kazuaki Machida in Fukuoka who winding transformer and inductor by himself.

His system using all WE drivers & horns.

Driven by 300B single ended amplifiers that stay behind speaker system.

6J5G pre-amplifier like in Kiyohara-san's temple.

Next is Bar "Note" of Mr Shinzo Nogami. Not too far from Fukuoka airport. 

Nice place with nice music. Using Westrex 20/80 speakers with BTH tube amplifiers.

Tim de Paravicini help him to repair his EMT930.

Last place is Mr Tsutomu Kanno's system in Kitakyushu. Owner of Kanno Laboratory.

Using many of WE horns in system with some of his products and Tannoy Autograph.

Kanno 597 tweeter, smooth as silk.

WE300A single ended amplifiers.

Some of his transformers that ever produced.

All systems are producing very good sound along the day.

Thanks a lot to great Japanese hosts for this worthwhile time