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Friday, August 31, 2018

Lenco Heaven Meeting 2018 in Beauvechain Belgium : Audio

After introduce in previous post about people in Beauvechain.

This is set of photos about audio gear from Lenco Heaven Meeting 2018.

Cause from large area and buildings, every room has enough space to produce great sound.

Inspiration is the main purpose that I decide to attend to this marvelous meeting.

And hope everyone enjoy and get some inspiration like us too.

Main "barn" of this event.

Drivers as follow

Woofer : Twin Altec 515B in Altec 817 cabinet style

Midrange : JBL 2482 in Sato horn

Tweeter : JBL 075

Crossover network tuned by Master Jean Hiraga.

Amazing turntable and amplifier from PTP Audio.

845 Push Pull Monoblock with "Blue glow" 866 rectifier from Benny Glass.

GM70 SE amplifier prototype from Benny Glass too.

Small but amazing system that carried from Germany by Frank Schröder.

Cool looking & sounding from Frank's gear.

Fidelity Research FR-1 mkII in action.

Crossover network for his "experimental" speaker.

Martina Schöner's system in "the glass room".

Prototype of speaker & crossover network.

Loricraft Professional Record Cleaning machine.

L'Art du Son Reference Transcription turntable.

High quality material and reference designs. Very high precision too.

System from John Walton "hatehifi", unique sound and musical.

McIntosh & Martin Logan in one of Marc Antoine's living room.

Nice mono system with relaxing sound.

Hope to meet everyone again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lenco Heaven Meeting 2018 in Beauvechain Belgium : People

Nice meeting once a year in Beauvechain Belgium between 7 - 10 June 2018

at Marc Antoine's marvelous place like last year.

This is my first time for attend to this meeting, thanks to Christian Bayer for great coordination.

Japan team, Moriyama-san, Kiyohara-san and master Jean Hiraga

were invited Thailand team to present "Thailand Triode Meeting 2019"

to great people in Lenco Heaven Meeting this year.

So Kritapas, me and my wife made our decision to visit this legendary meeting.

Set of these pictures are from Montana; my wife's view with her camera.

For group of people who love in audio & music around the world.

And I will put pictures of audio equipment in my next blog.

Let's enjoy with first batch of participants's picture and every picture tells a story too!

Thanks everyone for made this meeting was another great memorable.

See you all next time in Thailand!!!

P.S. Thanks to my lovely wife for all memorial photos.