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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Japan Triode Meeting #1 : Day 3

Third day, it's time to go to Mr Kichiryu Moriyama's shop.

This is a large shop that selling many great and rare woods and the wall of sound existing here.

This audio system use all Japanese made drivers and the sound so incredible.

Amplifier is STC 4212 single ended tube amplifier.

And next to Moriyama-san's house. Use the speaker system same as Machida-san.

300B push pull amplifier.

Very beautiful Teragaki Sigma 5000 turntable.

Second house is new place that recent build for this meeting.

Mr Yusuke Onimaru, owner of large ceramic factory.

His Western Electric speaker system also amazing too.

Cozy and comfortable, nice for relax with good music everyday.

Another of his system with using ceramic as a cabinet.

Evening with farewell party.

Finally with demo 2 audio systems, WE13A by Yasushi Sasamoto and WE16A by Julien Sullerot.

Back to sleep with dream for my next audio system.


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