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Thursday, March 17, 2016

LCR EQ Phonostage Prototype Just Continue ...

After made previous LCR EQ module for testing concept.

This previous module show the great result, my friend asking to borrow for replace

his current LCR EQ module and return me with money not module. :)

So I need to do LCR EQ module again and I've found this video clip for

LCR EQ Phonostage with all WE parts.

It's look interesting but I still prefer inductor from Sowter cause from low DCR.

Low DCR inductor make equalizer more accurate than higher DCR inductor like WE.

Other main components use WE parts for reliable quality and result.

LCR EQ module with "L" from Sowter and "CR" from WE.

Assembly with main phonostage plate.

Will update soon after finishing install all components.


  1. Hi Nattawut - excellent work so far, still following your progress - looking forward to listening results - cheers, Owen

  2. Hi Owen,

    Will finish and post the result here soon.

    Thanks a lot for your comment,

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  4. Hi Nattawut - I forgot to ask, which circuit schematic are you building?
    - Cheers, Owen