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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

100 Milestones in Audio Power Amplifiers

After travel to find any interest websites and schematics on the internet,

I just found out the great website that contain many nice articles.

Kurt van Lilienthal Heitmann Thaaning Steffensen is a founder of Lilienthal Engineering.

Highlight for me is an article name "100 power amplifiers to lift your hat".

Founder said "I have made the 100 amplifier list with a little help of the highly skilled and knowledge members of the “Sound Practice” magazine forum “Soundlist” aka “The Joe List” and participants of the European Triode Festival. I asked them to suggest amplifiers they felt should be on a list of the 100 best or most interesting audio power amplifiers.".

I think all 4 parts of this article such a milestone that him said.

This is a history of audio power amplifier from past to present and must develop through the future.   
Thanks for did this great compilation.

I think people who interest in audio especially tube amplifier should be read and understand.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

P&C WE310A Tube Pre-Amplifier for Reference

As I've said before in my "Japan Audio Trip 2015 Part 1" on June 2015.

When I visited Mr Toshiaki Kurashima at P&C Electronics shop

and listen to his main tube pre-amplifier using all Western Electric parts.

I still remember the sound from that tube pre-amplifier and

find the way to build my next pre-amplifier has a great tone like it.

So I have made my decision to order his custom made pre-amplifier for use as "reference".

Just order about 2 months ago and Mr Toshiaki brought the pre-amplifier to me in Thailand

by himself last weekend ! I appreciate so much.

This pre-amplifier look neat and attractive with nany iron and capacitors.

Using WE310A "small punch".

WE cloth wire for all wiring inside with AB carbon composition resistors.

Already use with my amplifier and the sound remind me to that day in Japan.

Western Electric parts always make me wonder especially signal transformers.

Frequency response over specification in datasheet and produce a great tone

that cannot find in others.

Simplicity so challenge me to build my new pre-amplifier to come close with this original parts.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Tube : Western Electric 418A

Main reason that select this tube to work as driver for my amplifier

because it is a Western Electric tube that look like an expensive WE437A too much.

WE418A is an indirectly heated tetrode tube. Use 9 pin Magnoval socket.

Same base and bulb like WE437A and WE436A too.

Frame grid construction.

Square getter.

I've found this copper tube shield in ebay, it's look tight and rigid.

Keep it for my WE437A triode tube in the future. ;)

Tube shield inside with spring all around. Great design and usable.

Later version of WE418A had smoke glass and different font.

When I made a decision to use WE418A,

I'm searching more information and specification in google.

No triode curve from any sites. Only question but no answer.

Until I've found triode curve from project in MJ Audio magazine for February 2015 !!!

Plate Characteristic for triode connection of WE418A tube.

Characteristic & typical operation.

Sound of WE418A in triode connection so flat and powerful, 

easily match with almost power tube especially directly heated triode.

You can get the same feeling like looking and listening to WE437A. ;)