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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sony Playstation SCPH-5501 as a Superb Sound CD Player Part 2

Continue from my post on last week about introduction and mainboard modification.

Today I just complete assembling PS1 back after finish modify

power supply board and analog output stage.

For power supply board, I've replace all original electrolytic capacitors

with low ESR capacitors and change all diodes to ultrafast recovery diodes too.

Decoupling all electrolytic capacitors with WIMA film capacitors.

Inspiration that brought me to do this, it was article in Jeff Day's blog

about using Sony Playstation in his main system.

And after read more in his blog, I really want to hear the sound of Arizona capacitors.

So the sound of Playstation with combination of Arizona capacitor will be marvelous too.

I've select 0.47uF C50309 Blue Cactus version and made T-Network that attenuate

from 20k Ohms (for get high pass filter below 20 Hz)

to 600 Ohms (for match with my preamplifier).

Gain just reduce about 22 dB but can allow me to use this capacitor. That's my intention.

From using bigger capacitors in mainboard, I use nuts and washers to made a spacers on PCB.

So after assemble, enclosures will not join together but it's not a problem.

Sound of this CD player is smooth, refine, more natural and good tonal balance.

I think combination of non-oversampling DAC and Arizona capacitor are support together.

Worth a try to make and get natural sounding CD player like this.

Next step is find a wood base and ac power cord to make more stability. Cheer!!!


  1. Great stuff! I'd love to be able to carry out modifications such as that. The PlayStation 1 is a wonderfully musical device, did you notice a vast improvement following the mods? I love my PlayStation 1 as a CD player.



    1. Hello Nigel,

      Thanks for your comment.

      After mods, sound character feel more natural and improve along frequency range.

      You can do it.


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