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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Prepare Deck for Reel Tape Playback with "Tape Head" Feature in Vintage Preamplifier

Many top class vintage preamplifiers almost have "Tape Head" amplifier

with NAB equalization to use for commercial reel tape and cassette tape.

But some owners of those preamplifiers used to test or taste.

I will get some vintage preamplifiers to renovate and modify,

so I want to hear a sound of tapes from them too.  

I already have Technics RS-1700, 4 track reel to reel tape player and recorder.

But I kept it for a long time and some parts need to replace for promptly use.

Just order this service kit from ebay.

This set have 4 x brake pads, 2 x rubber belts for counter, 2 x bearing balls for tension arms.

First open back cover and remove capstan motor.

See 2 counter belts inside.

Remove reversing roller for take old counter belt out.

With new tighter belt.

Current tension rollers with corrosion. ;)

New rollers in their positions.

These brake pads are "must" need to replace.

Already remove and clean.

Use rubber adhesive glue for this job, match with vinyl and leather.

Replace with new pads.

Modify connectors to get direct signal from tape playback head.

Need to check and calibrate other points before using. 

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