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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Well-built German Style Signal Transformers

I  have got these transformers for a long time and already test them with alligator clips.

Their sound present dynamic, detail and sweet too.

Many of German transformers have well-built and use mu-metal shielding 

for reduce noise and hum from environment.

So worth to put them into permanent enclosures for easier using with the system.

First is VEB Tonmechanik Berlin isolation transformer for isolate 

between CD/DAC and preamplifier.

Impedance 600 : 600 with no gain but get more dynamic and larger scale of mid-range.

Too heavy with thick metal shield cause lower noise floor.

Second is Telefunken input transformer that brought out from my Telefunken EL156 amplifier.

This transformer contain 2 channels inside, easy to get from single amplifier.

Application for amplify microphone, so can use with low output mc cartridge too.

Step up ratio is 1 : 30. If use with Denon 103 family and others in same output range,

it will be louder for some systems.

But if tune load resistor at input of mm phono preamplifier, 

you will hear a lot more fun with the dynamic as I do.

Assembly with Western Electric cloth wires.

Using wires as short as possible.

Finished and ready to join the system.

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