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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tube : 1560-ux Philips Rectifier Tube with Mesh Plates

Still find mesh plate tube continually cause from their more musical delivered .

Philips 1560 tube is a full-wave rectifier tube that has globe/balloon shape

with 2 types of base.

European B4 base and American UX base with UX suffix ; 1560-ux.

1560-ux can directly replace 280 tube to get better performance from your current system.

Compare 3 types of rectifier tube in term of plate.

RCA UX280 - Philips 1560ux - Telefunken RGN1054

RCA UX280 solid plates.

Telefunken RGN1054 mesh plates with 1 of  /\ filaments.

And Philips 1560-ux with modern mesh plates and 2 of /\/\ filaments.

Test filaments with TV-7A/U tube tester.

Glow in the dark and mystery looking.



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