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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sansui XR-Q5 Direct Drive Turntable

Today, I have got Sansui XR-Q5 from secondhand shop with $30.

Bought without test and no headshell installed.

So lucky, all buttons can work properly !!!

Except tonearm that cannot operate automatic function.

After found out more information of this deck,

I think it so interest to make a new plinth with real wood.

See this link below for information of Sansui XR-Q5 

about Friction Free coreless motor and Dynaoptimum Balanced tonearm.

It's Sansui's step down from XR-Q7 top of the range model 

with less than 0.012% wow and flutter 

and a signal to noise ration of better than 78db. 

Silent synchrotor for smooth rotation 

and precise computer controlled fully automatic operation

Condition ......

Inside ...

Power Supply Board.

Tonearm control board.

Finally found cause that make tonearm not working in automatic.

Belt that hang between motor and gearwheel was melt.

So need to replace that confirm function again

before make decision to make a new plinth.


  1. hey there....i have a quick question, if you don't mind..i recently put a record on and pressed start, and for the first time i noticed that the quartz lock light flickered a little....i tested the speed of the table with the iphone app called turntabulator, which had previously measured my table's speed as 100 percent accurate was now saying i was slower. is there a quick fix to get my speed back to normal?

    thanks for any insight...


  2. Hello,

    I can not find schematic of this turntable, so this deck still not finish fixing.

    For your problem I think it might be has some sensor defect.

    If I can find schematic, I will answer this question again.

    Thanks for your visit,

  3. Hi,

    thank you for your story. Question: Where can you buy the belt for the tonearm respectively what are the dimensions?

    Thank you in advance.