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Producing electronics projects since high school. Seriously upgrade and modify vintage audio equipment for “Real Sound” concept.
He is a co-founder of Soundaries and Sentimental Studio, all audio solution provider.
Experienced and lively explore the listening rooms & audio shops in Japan as his most favorite to do.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Modify : End of Life Phonostage modified

After finishing "End of Life" Phonostage for test.

Sound really good with macro and micro detail, speed so accurate.

But a bit bright and lack of deep bass present to the system.

So I think to replace almost PRP metal film resistors with other types

like tantalum, carbon composite and thick film resistors.

Also replace Black Beauty with West-Cap CPV09 for coupling capacitor.

Before ...

After ...

Burn-in for a while and found more bass and thicker sound.

But detail and dynamic still exist.

Might be continue burn-in and monitor again.

Next station, will test & taste LCR phonostage.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Modify : Modification of Sony TTS-2500 (PS-2250) turntable Part III

Back to prepare Denon DA-302 Tonearm for use with the plinth.

This tonearm came with PCB as terminal.

So need to make a female connector that like DIN.

Already have this connector in stock.

Use 26GA copper wires for this job.

And tonearm cable to use together.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Japan Audio Trip 2015 (June 19 - 22, 2015) Part 3 of 3

Third day and last whole day in Japan (June 21, 2015).

This is main purpose of our team to visit the true "living legend"

of  tube amplifier's design.

Mr Susumu Sakuma :

We took a bus from Tokyo to Tateyama and walk to his restaurant.

This year he is 72 years old but still healthy

and continue build new tube amplifiers.

We saw another younger Sakuma in his eyes.

I follow his works via MJ magazines

and found his name every 3 - 4 months with new amplifier.

Yes, he still alive !!!

Concorde Restaurant 

His logo badge, so classic.

He cooks food in kitchen by himself.

Only 1 menu in restaurant "hamburg steak".

Eyes's food too. ;)

His main turntable : Garrard 401 with 2 oil-damped tonearm.


Part of his works.

His new project going on.

Thanks Mr Susumu Sakuma for his kindness, informality and delicious steak!

He is unique person either his amplifiers's sound.

Inspire all of our team for doing something.

Will be back here again next time.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Japan Audio Trip 2015 (June 19 - 22, 2015) Part 2 of 3

My second day in Japan (June 20, 2015).

Thanks Mr Stefano Bertoncello, one of my favorite blogger that gave me a contact

of Mr Takeshi Mikami : Vintage Vanguard.

We've found this website for a long time and plan to visit someday ...

Our dream come true, Mr Takeshi accept our appointment and

his time available for us couple hours before he going out.

We took train to Yokosuka area and walk around there to find his house ;)

Mr Takeshi Mikami brought us to see all of his systems.

Western Electric 15B, 24A with all 555 horn drivers and Jensen Field Coil speaker.

Many cool WE amplifiers, great experience for us.

Cool 2 tonearms turntable.

Next room for MONO lp, use JBL Hartsfield,  Electrovoice Georgian IV, 

Voigt Domestic Horn, Lowther TP-1.

And use bi-amp with all speakers. 

Next room using Telefunken 085a and Tannoy Monitoy 12 

for main speakers to listen Stereo lp.

Next for Rock & Roll with JBL 4350 and D31050.

Next for stereo too with Westrex Acousticlens 20/80, 

Lancing Cellular Horn System, Western Electric 757-A Monitor System.

Partridge MC step up transformer.

The last room we start with Avant-Garde Nouvelle-Vague Quintet 

and the speaker that I want to hear the most, Klangfilm Eurodyn.

Plasma tweeter.

Neumann cutter machine for use as playback turntable.

That day we met Okinawa guy, who came here for listen to Mr Mikami's systems too.

Thanks Mr Takeshi Mikami so much for made our dream came true.

You are the real collector and smart matching the systems.

"We Will Rock You" from your system still in my head ;)